Yorkshire ‘s Himalayan garden and best parks

“I saw old Autumn in the misty morn. Stand, shadowless like Silence, listening
To Silence.”–   Thomas Hood


The worn Dandelion clocks signaled the end of summer a long time ago, yet at this time of year everything still seems so full of life. Brown, yellow and gold leaves fall one by one as the wind rocks through the trees. It’s the colours that make Autumn one of my favourite times of year, everything takes on a deep orange hue, and I believe there is no better colour than this. Wild and untamed; Yorkshire’s countryside offers so many places to wander about and shake off the daily grind. We regularly visit the forests and parks nearby, strolling round, often staying a while on the benches to just sit and stare at the beauty around us. Time seems to stop and much nothing matters at that moment in time.

Though, I admit, it’s a challenge to get me out the door on a Sunday morning, but fueled by copious amounts of coffee and a bacon buttie I’m usually good to go.

Here’s two of our favourite walks in Yorkshire, just waiting for you to explore.

  1. Harewood House’s Himalayan Garden

The vast range of mountain peaks which arc across Central Asia, has an extraordinary diversity of flora. Harewood’s Himalayan Garden.. is this extraordinary world in miniature, a plant-hunter’s paradise.



The Himalayan Garden is a hidden beauty spot just outside Leeds, and a would-be hippy haven if it was anywhere else in the world. Upon entering the garden bamboo stalks rise up either side of you and little walk ways twist and turn, part covered by hanging greens. Walk a little further and you find a stone paved stream and waterfall.  Need a little rest? Then take sanctuary in the mini Asian pavilion nestled at one end. This, my friends is a Eastern promise, done Yorkshire style and its flippin’ fantastic.

Location: Harewood House, Sand Gate, Harewood, Leeds, LS17 9LG. The grounds of Harewood are open on selected weekends throughout Autumn/ Winter. Please check the website for more information.







  1. Otley Chevin Forest Park

While the hours away walking down shady evergreen lined pathways at one of Yorkshire’s most splendid forests. A north-facing cliff rises steeply to a height of 280m above sea level and offers magnificent views of the Wharfe Valley. This is one of our favourite spots to spend a lazy Sunday and is only a few minutes’ drive from Otley for some much needed sustenance afterwards.





Yorkshire parks and walks
At least my shoes are sensible…


Chevin Forest Park is found either side of East Chevin Road, Otley LS21 3DD.


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