Winter holiday pursuits- some pics and ideas!

One of the many joys of being off for a whole two weeks over the Christmas period as well as masses amounts of food and festivities is being able to get out and about and explore some new things to do.
Me and Derek found a great place near weatherby in Yorkshire called Stockeld park where they did Nordic skiing round a forest- which is basically ski walking on a green carpet path – very amusing as even though you aren’t moving there’s a big chance you can dive arse over tit along the way! At stockeld they also do ice skating which is excellent for making you feel all Christmassy! Though a personal low was being rescued off the ice by a teen worker in a Fluro jacket!

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Another place we enjoy going to in Nottinghamshire is rufford and clumber park. We went to Rufford today and as it wasn’t that cold I could ditch the fur coat and try my new long vintage military blazer.
The nights are getting lighter and spring will soon be on its way- I can feel it!!

It was like Bambi trying to walk!

Nordic Skiing
New Long Vintage Blazer and tartan scarf combo at Rufford

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