When Twiggy came to Yorkshire

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When Twiggy Came To Yorkshire

It’s not every day you get to meet a 60’s icon, yet the other week I had the pleasure of  meeting Twiggy!

The event was held at the M&S Archive Museum in early April in Leeds and was to launch the new Twiggy Archive Collection online and in-store.

On the day 5 style-led bloggers, including myself and a whole lot of M&S loyalty card holders were treated to an archive catwalk show (which included items from the new, retro inspired Twiggy collection), afternoon tea and… wait for it.. a chance to meet the lady herself! Actual Twiggy!

On the day I donned my best baker boy hat (of course) and was feeling groovier than a fox in bell bottoms, backstage at a Beatles gig.

The day started with a catwalk show took us all back in time to bygone eras of the 20’s right through to the present day, with a particularly patterned entrance from my favourite era, the 1970s. How fabulous are the aviators in the picture? We saw some dreamy maxi dresses and hats too …We were in vintage clothing heaven! Aside from the gorgeous threads on parade, it was actually all very informative and it’s safe to say we all learnt a thing or two about how  styles and materials have evolved overtime.


Twiggy M&S
Actual Twiggy!

Twiggy ended the day with a Q&A and we were completely blown away with how humble and down to earth she was- exactly the sort of person who you could have a glass of wine with and chat away with for hours on end. She even said she liked my outfit at the end! It is safe to say, my year is made! Twiggy said her inspiration is her friend and Fashion Designer Barbara Hulanicki, and when I asked her what is next, she answered that there are a few things in the pipeline but most of all she is looking forward to spending time with her little grandaughter.

Me, Bee from Queen Beady, Twiggy and Jessica from Forever Miss Vanity


At this point, I would just like to stop and take a moment to appreciate how good Twiggy looks! She looked sensational at 67; a refreshing example of someone who takes care of herself and doesn’t feel the need to tweak herself into a duck face.


For those readers who are unfamiliar with Twiggy (real name Lesley Lawson) she was the first real working class model of the swinging sixties.

I feel some what of an affinity to Twiggy in that I too was a gawky skinny teen who used to get a bit of stick in my younger years for being skinny. My family nickname was Sparrow, on account of my stick like legs. I remember reading that Twiggy did provoke controversy with her waif- like looks, but insisted she did eat a lot-  it was just the way she was. Even then, at the height of her fame, she could not avoid negativity. Instead of changing she embraced it and man did it work for her. Twiggy went on to be an international cover-star,gracing the cover of VOGUE and is now thought of as the epitome of what London stood for in the 1960s.

Twiggy ended her own Q&A session with some words of advice “Follow your dream. You have got to go for it”. Who can disagree with that? After all if she hadn’t made the decision to go and get that iconic short hair cut talking her from long haired Mod to elfin chic, she may never have been the iconic cover star she turned out to be.

Now I’m not your average M&S customer, as I’m strictly vintage, but I must say after this you may just find me browsing the rails more often! Here’s some Twiggy Vintage outfit inspiration from the Twiggy Archive Collection 2017.

Twiggy Modal Blend Paisley Dress

Buy the Paisley Dress 

Twiggy Denim Skirt and M&S Indigo Collection embroidered top


Buy the Denim Skirt

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Buy the Twiggy Crocheted Sandals

30% of the purchase price of this product will be donated to Breast Cancer Now.

The vent was held in conjunction with the M&S Sparks scheme, For those of you who are unaware The Sparks Scheme gives you more of your M&S, including tailor-made offers, priority access to M&S seasonal previews, Sales and exciting money-can’t-buy events and experiences. Sounds good? You can easily sign up online at the Sparks Loyalty Scheme


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