What Hidden gems! My Thrift Shop Finds!

Do you love clothes? Don’t have much of a budget? Like vintage shops but none near where you live? of course you do!
Well look no further than the nearest thrift / charity shop! Yes really. These forgotten heroes of the high street are often overlooked due to unfavourable connotations. Yes around 80% of the clothes are cast offs from your nans age group and you have to of couse make sure you give your finds a good wash, but dig a little deeper and you can uncover some real finds and often of the real-deal vintage variety or designer. Aside from the fact you can find a one off that isn’t being worn by everyone else you can be rest assured your hard earned cash is going to a good cause.

Here are my top 3 finds:

1. Gold pied à terre ankle boots (hello! They are Italian leather don’t you know)
2. Vintage Snugkoat blazer
3. Beaded bag

So when you next pass Oxfam don’t walk on by, give it a try! (could that be their new slogan I wonder? 🙂 )

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  1. THE SHOES!!! How much did they cost you if you don't mind me asking? I remember when I was growing up I would never have dreamed of going in charity shops as none of my friends would and it wasn't classed as cool! But as you grow up I like that that fades. I always look in them now, I have found such bargains and lovely things. That bag is lovely too.My charity shops seem to have more fleeces that blazers though 🙁 one day I will find some I'm sure haha 🙂

    My, what an essay!


  2. Ah yes the shoes – which are may I add too small for me but I had to have them, they cost a fiver! Isnt it funny how you care less what other people think as you get older and I guess its almost become ok to shop there because we are a bit more spend conscious now!

  3. That's amazing, and I bet if they were in Topshop, they'd easily hit the £65 mark. Yeah I don't care anymore, I kind of like the lived-in look. I like things to look loved and worn, immaculate things scare me because I never want to ruin them. They have more class as well. I do love the high street, but theres something nice about an old find that no one will have 🙂

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