Walks in the Yorkshire countryside

As part of my mission to try and “live creative”; by which I mean regularly saying “yes” to trying and exploring new things, I simply could not turn down the offer of joining 5 other bloggers on a walk around the Yorkshire countryside with Turtle Mat door mats.



We used to live near Clumber park in Nottinghamshire, and used to hire bikes on a Sunday afternoon, but opportunities to see something green and leafy are a rarity since moving to Leeds centre.

Despite a love of  getting out and enjoying the countryside, I must say I’m was a bit of a novice at this country walking thing…

…I turned up to our walk in converse, a mac and paisley scarf…Not really your standard walking attire but I don’t own a pair of walking boots! Oh dear….this was either going to see me fall on my face sliding off a rock, or getting soggy and wet as my canvas excuses for walking boots gave in.

We were expertly guided by Cedric a French man living in Yorkshire who writes on the blog Walk in Yorkshire

We walked for what felt like miles (it probably wasn’t) only stopping to talk in Aire Valley and Ilkley Moor.

Luckily the rain held out and I made it round in one piece. I actually returned home feeling rather invigorated after really enjoying it!

Yorkshire is known by some as “Gods own country”. When you are surrounded by the serenity of leafy greens and burnished oranges of the turning landscape and not a sound but the birds in the sky its easy  to why it has been given this title.

Oh and if you need something to brush down your muddy boots and have a keen eye for interiors,  a stylish Turtle Mat might be just what you are missing.  .





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