TV’s Fabulous Fashionistas! Fashion inspiration!!

Who watched Channel 4’s rather inspiring “Fabulous Fashionistas?” the other night?

Following 6 extraordinary women this short film, this short film sough to break down the ageing/fashion stereotype and interviewed who I think were the most inspiring, stylish and unique women I have ever seen – and they were all over 60. They dressed for themselves and saw fashion as something to be enjoyed not afraid of as they got older.

This has led me to post about the woman who I like to think of is the original “Fabulous fashionista” Iris Apfel.

Iris Apfel is in her 90s. Yet to know some background on this business woman, writer, fashion muse and interior designer and to see the images of her that have graced fashion editorials for the past decade, is to know that when it comes to fashion, age really is just a number.

Iris is the grand dame of the New York fashion scene and continues to consult on all things fashion related since her retirement. But what is great about her is, like those fabulous women from the TV show, Iris really bucks the ageing stereotype and refuses to be subservient to the usual old age dress code.
“When you don’t dress like everyone else you don’t have to think like everyone else” is Iris’ mantra.

Sure- in the fashion industry, eccentricity comes with the territory but this is just Iris being Iris. She doesn’t dress like she is trying to be younger or fashionable. Her style and panache have a presence that maybe only someone of her age can carry off. Her age adds to her style, instead of taking away. That  feathered jacket and those giant glasses seem to look extra cool on her and I would imagine she has a sassy attitude to match.

Maybe I wont care but I only hope that when I reach the grand old age, these women have reached, I will forgo the grey and paisley and remember that just because I’m old does not mean I’m fashion past it!
Truly inspiring!

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  1. Bold and fabulous for this time we’re living, where all we see in the spotlights are 15 year old girl with no individualism …….Something different and refreshing, pleasing to the eye and social norms, putting ageism where it belongs on the irrelevant side.

    Bravo for them, they inspire me truly.

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