The English Coast – Pirates, Boho, antiques and fish and chips!

Β  Pirate Day 2012
Where do you find thousands of pirates, hippies and purchase a genuine indian head- dress? Why Old Hastings town of course!
The other weekend we took the 4 and a half hour drive to the English coastal town of Hastings. The newer town is a bit of a shit hole but take a walk a little further on and you come to the old town. And the old town is a bohemian haven, made up of winding steep roads, Tudor houses, curiosity shops and that unmistakable seaside charm.
We visit when the Carnival week is on, the Sunday of which is pirate day. Basically this is a huge street party, with hog roasts, music and entertainment. Everyone spills out into the narrow streets, makes good use of the many traditional pubs and just soaks up the fantastic atmosphere and (luckily) glorious sunshine.
Now I must make one thing clear- we are not into dressing up like pirates in a convention sort of way- not at all- this weekend just happened to be on a few years ago in the old town and we enjoyed the atmosphere, live music and the town itself so much its now become a yearly trip for us.Β 
This Year I didn’t make as much effort with my outfit as last year when I painted mine and Derek’s faces- me as a Mexican sugar skull and him as rather menacing I must say, evil skull- its amazing what you can do with some Max Factor Lipfinity red lipstick and some eyeliner!!! (in the above pic and below)Β 
2012 also saw the amazing red arrows- the world’s premier aerobatic team- do a spectacular fly over the beach in the late afternoon sun- trailing red white and blue smoke across the sky to the delight of the gathered crowds. I have posted some pictures of this show as it was so amazing! They even created a smoke love heart in the sky!
Old Hastings also has its historic significance too of course with the battle of Hastings in 1066 and nearby Brighton offers the pier and more sightseeing, also thoroughly recommended.
Early morning view from our window
Accessories make an outfit. Red Shoes and a cheeky bowler hat
The live folk music band were dressed like pirates – lots of fun
My outfit for pirate weekend 2013 – stripy leggings and a headscarf
Vintage treasure troves!

Lots of amazing vintage shops
more tresure hunting

peek- a -boo

fish and chips on the sea front- perfect

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Going a bit gothic with a black velvet bodycon dress and pixie boots for the eve
2012 dressed up and with a mexican sugar skull face

Red Arrows Aerobatic display – stunning!

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