3 Easy Autumn/Winter Vintage Style Tricks

As the weather gets cooler, it’s now time to ditch the bare legs and reach for the tights. But Autumn fashion doesn’t have to be all thick jumpers and jeans.

I don’t know about you, but Autumn always gets me in the mood for knitted grandma gilets, prints and different fabrics including velvets in rusty hues that reflect the glorious colours of the great outdoors.

Autumn/ Winter is especially good for mixing and matching your fashion. Layering lends itself very well to a heavy ’70s feel, and no boho wardrobe is complete without fringing, liberty-inspired prints kitsch prints and texture overload.

So if your look is more seventies show than TOWIE, this is the season to REALLY have some fun with your fashion.

Here’s some Autumn style inspiration ideas for a versatile and very vintage season ahead.

1. A patterned shirt layered over a dress and fringed waistcoat

Floral prints don’t have to be reserved for the summer.  Instead of wearing a shirt with a skirt, layer up a old summer shirt over a dress and  add a fringed waistcoat for a fresh, new look. These two items are from Pop Boutique in Leeds.




2. Ditch classic T shirts for a Folk top 

For me vintage fashion is always more folksy and relaxed, than preppy. Something like this blue and cream embroidered top can be worn with anything, in place of a summer T – shirt, and is just as good worn in the evening with a skirt as it is with jeans. Pair with a man’s black hat with some phesant feathers stuck in the side and you have a look that is not only warm but hides next-day hair too.

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3. Bag a suede coat to keep out the chill

When it’s too warm for the “big coat” but too cold to go coatless, a suede coat is perfect. Tan is such as versatile colour for Autumn/ Winter and is so much more interesting than plain black; think of it as camouflage but without the hideous print.  PS it’s not true you can’t wash suede- I washed this in a cold bath with some Woolite and it came out a treat.

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Autumn’s Essential Accessories

A Hillhouse Vintage handbag

I got this vintage beauty from Asos Marketplace favourite, Hill House vintage

From clutches to classic retro handbags, Hillhouse have a fabulous variety of retro women’s bags that are stylish, unique and full of character. This beautiful bag is just one of many vintage leather pieces that are just waiting to be discovered and most are below £30 too. (bargain!)

PLUS they are offering a 20% discount for all readers!! Just add “Style20” at the checkout.

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Pieces of silver: A daisy silver necklace*

This little gem is from Browns Jewellers, I like to support local businesses and Browns are one of the leading high street jewellers in Yorkshire. This pretty daisy necklace is just one example of some of the silver items they have one offer and is so delicate it will go with everything.  I picked this one as it’s quite 60s, its a little swirly flower made of the thinnest silver and would make a great gift idea for a sister or niece. They also do some stunning vintage pieces  including antique emerald broches and art deco pieces if you get some Christmas money and want to treat yourself to something timeless in the new year…Go on you deserve it!





*Advert post

3 pieces to borrow from your boyfriend’s wardrobe.

 “Why do women want to dress like men when they’re fortunate enough to be women? Why lose femininity, which is one of our greatest charms?” Tasha Tudor.

Maybe that’s why she was an American illustrator and author of children’s books and not a style icon?

Bow tie outfit
Once it was only his socks I borrowed..

Stealing, sorry, “borrowing” items from your boyfriends/ partner’s wardrobe can add new life into your own closet and the result can be anything but manly.

Fashion has long toyed with gender boundaries, from David Bowie in the 1970s to “boyfriend” jeans being worn on the high street.

Women buying into menswear is a growing trend. I find this sort of style interesting as it crosses boundaries and disregards gender stereotypes. Women’s style doesn’t have to be revealing or tight to be stylish. Style can be from wherever and whatever as long as you feel confident.

Here are my top 3 menswear as womenswear looks:

1. Bowtie

Once a staple in gentleman’s styling, now the “must have” for the Shoreditch hipster and so-called “Neo Dandies”. Give the bow- tie a new lease of life – and turn it into a preppy accessory for you.

Velvet, floral patterned or plain; these excellent little accessories can pep up a shirt or blouse and trouser or skirt combo. Mr Selfridge style has never looked so fresh and smart. Borrow and keep.

If he doesn’t have one try these

Asos Bow Ties

Mrs Bowtie

Pst.. if you have a pampered pooch Mrs bow tie also do the most super doggy bowties

2. Men’s shirt for chic women’s tailoring

I customised this shirt as the sleeves were too long. I chopped them off and got the hem sewn up.

I think men’s shirts looks wonderful as womenswear and can revitalise an office outfit. The style is looser and often better quality with a crisp, sharp collar.

Ps. Don’t go lobbing the sleeves off it you actually need to give it back. It won’t go down well if you have ruined his favourite work shirt.

3. A classic trilby hat

“Not so long ago..Hats were tipped, raised, handed, tossed, snapped, passed, checked, waved, and eaten (metaphorically, at least).”

There is no greater accessory to capture creative expression than a hat. For me it’s a black fedora. If you fancy a read on the rise and fall of the Fedora Hat, check out “Hatless Jack”, Neil Steinberg’s account of a time when hat wearing was the norm and the man who started it all. The time, 1960’s. The man; John F Kennedy.

trilby outfit
The classic I’m not really posing pose

photo (14)


All this goes without saying only wear one item of his clothing at once. Otherwise you will look like A) him B) Diane Keaton in Annie Hall C) A waiter

The perfect location isn’t always the most obvious?

As a blogger sometimes we need someone to take a good picture and a good location. What if that was easier than you think? You just have to be creative.

For these shots I met up with Laura from Grandma Eileen’s Vintage and her husband and took some pictures in an antiques warehouse.

It was lacking in natural light but we had some great fun larking about with vintage props!