Style Creative of the day. Military styling with a twist

Winter is still very much with us in the UK, and as usual we are still all talking about it. If you can’t beat em join em – Its freezing!  And because if this, i’d like to move on to jackets but have been living it my winter coats, and don’t plan on packing them up just yet. This military style coat is from River Island. As usual I like to mix up prints where I can- its just fun and clothes have an odd way of sometimes looking better if you just don’t plan how it will look- and just try it! I have worn my bright green coat with one of my favourite 60s floral tops and burgundy jeans. Yes it was a little bit “Elf” but I was warm as toast and as I left the flat ready for Leed’s arctic front I thought of my next post- Military style and why it’s just so good..


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River Island Green Military Coat

Green Military Coat


Green coat


Military styling is of course not reserved for the classic coat and jacket it has shaped our wardrobes, from the full trench coats to more subtle accents such as brass buttons on shoulders. It is interpreted in various ways, year after year and as designs are naturally structured and sharp; one simple piece can instantly make any outfit look smart.

Khaki is apparently translated as “soil” and was first worn by the British armed forces centuries ago and subsequently worn by American and British troops during the two world wars. Popularity of the uniform by civilians followed this. There is also some debate that says British fashion house Burberry developed the waterproof trench to protect soldiers from wet weather, again, originally a soldier’s garment that was adopted after the war- popular with women and men alike. To continue on and draw up a list the full influences of military styling would be difficult but as they are too far reaching but its certainly an interesting subject.

My top military moments

1. Balmain coats – absolutely out of my price range (and most people’s, but still good eye candy to get some military jacket inspiration. There are plenty of inspired versions on the high street this time of year. This sort of jacket looks great with a contrasting pretty dress.

3. Messenger Bags

4. These Ipod Cases from Isockit

5. Dr Martens heeled Darcie boots

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