Step Inside Yves St. Laurent’s Garden in Marrakech

Jardin Majorelle: Yves St.Laurent’s magical Garden


The other year I went to Marrakech in Morocco and had the pleasure of visiting the Jardin Majorelle, Yves St. Laurent’s Secret Garden…
The garden itself was stunningly beautiful; it’s a 12 acre botanical garden, designed by French Artist Jacques Majorelle in the 1920s and 30s when Morocco was under French rule.

In 1980 the Garden was bought and subsequently restored by Yves St Laurent who moved to Morocco after apparently feeling constrained by the pressures of the Parisian Fashion scene.

Its all very Art Nouveau, dahling, vibrant blue, pinks, oranges and gold are used throughout really contrast with the leafy green surroundings to striking effect. Plants of different heights and textures from the tallest bamboo to the shortest cacti create areas of shade and light.  It was sooo hot in Morocco as you would imagine, but  garden gave some welcome respite from the heat.

When YSL died in 2006 his ashes were scattered there and there is a monument in his name…not entirely sure what the monument is.. giant cactus maybe??

There is a gallery of Yves St. Laurent’s work within the garden. I have shown some pictures below.

It’s clear YSL was passionate about Morocco. Over time YSL’s collections have incorporated traditional Moroccan Costume in his garments- the bright colours, woven fabrics; tunics and turbans- a visual reflection of his love and passion for Morocco.

Anyone who is planning a trip to Morocco I’d recommend a visit.

Now step inside and reeeelax…





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