3 Instagram-worthy tips for authentic pics

Springtime is perfect for starting afresh. Take a good look at your Instagram account, and ask yourself are you being true to you or could you do with a Spring Insta-clean?

Panasonic have unveiled a range of next generation digital cameras with up to 30k optical zoom, 4K photo and video all in a sleek compact design. The (Professional) Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras are perfect for travelling to far flung lands (or just in your back garden), blogging, and making memories! The new range has inspired me to do a Spring themed, post all in the name of being authentically you.

Here’s a few quick tips to making your account stand out from the crowd and avoid being an instagram ‘same old’.

1. Act Natural

No pulling silly faces please. The best images capture the emotion of the moment, are full of movement and brimming with life. Hair blowing in the breeze, wide genuine smiles and laughing eyes is the stuff golden insta-squares are made of and are more likely to draw in those likes. So get moving on those pics, experiment with different modes and take your camera off automatic and on to manual… you never know what interesting effects you may end up with2

2. Keep it Real

People respond better to real images. All too often I see the same images on Instagram. Sure they are beautiful and show perfect photo skills. Shots of you in a bath of flowers or a carefully arranged flatlay of your little pride and joy sleeping peacefully  in a woven basket made of willow, accompanied by a quote written on a letter board, are all lovely but there are so many of this type of account around. Give your followers something different. If you are just starting out ask yourself why would someone follow your account, when it looks the same as all the rest.  Also is all this neutral really you? The best accounts have a theme or an angle and stick to it. Love retro clothes?  Let the world see your love for vintage Ebay finds and that time you found a Biba original for £1. Love to photograph nature?  Get acquainted with the macro button on your Panasonic and get let that detail shine. Be bold and most of all, be you.

3. Go Easy on the Edits

Has your photo editing gone too far? Snapchat doggy ears and perfectly proportioned faces with wide- alien eyes, have so had their day. Sorry but we know they you don’t look like this. No human does and for good reason! You are beautiful and you don’t need to add that third filter, seriously. I saw someone I went to school with upload a pic on Facebook recently that was so heavily edited it was practically a different person.  A bit of tweaking is fine, and let’s leave room for personal preference of course, but too much editing can do more harm than good and can distract from the image itself. If your image is starting to take on a-way -too saturated cartoon- like appearance and starts losing quality it’s time to put VSCO down.

Why I love these images

Aside from the gorgeous sunshine and super vibrant yellow colour pop of the field, I was then I was at my most confident. Since having a baby I am often left feeling tired and emotionally drained, but this image reminds me that this version of me is still very much there, urged on by a sunny day, a word to myself that I have got this and a fresh Spring outfit.

I would like to think that I have kept my vintage style (relatively) in tact. Have you ever tried washing baby vom out of a vintage silk tapestry top.. I have and its not easy, so let’s just say the top half of my wardrobe is on hold, whilst the flares and bold skirts have remained constant. So every time I look back at this picture on my Instgram I know that the old me, that loves travel, vintage threads and deep conversation that are not just about what your snack-sized human has devoured for breakfast, is still very much alive and well.

These shots will remain my inspiration for a while to come, and maybe provide you with some food for thought too. This Spring, grab your Panasonic and get taking some shots that are bursting with life and totally inta-worthy!

The images were taken by my pal Laura Adams.

This post is an ad post for Panasonic.