Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair- Is It Any Good?

What can you expect from Lou Lou’s vintage fair?

Any vintage lover worth their faux fur coat will be aware of Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair. But if you have never visited before, what can you expect to find? Well my blue jean babies, you can find lots and lots of stalls stocked with vintage goodies including jewellery, kitch homeware and accessories. You can even find a hairdresser, styling up victory rolls on anyone who is game. Predominantly, though you will find retro clothing- and most of it is very, very good.

Stall holders from across the land attend the events that are held on a regular basis in town halls and event spaces-in fact Lou Lou’s visits more than 40 cities across the UK! Prices are very reasonable with items ranging around the £10-20 mark and many stalls have a sale rail too, so you can shop ’til you drop even if your purse is light.

Expect quality clothing not cheap rubbish. 70’s gowns in whimsical prints, 60’s mini dresses, winter coats and real leather bags  are waiting to be snapped up. Ideal if you want to get your hands on a piece of genuine vintage, and a real bargain and not just a bit of second hand clothing.

Events like these are always better attended with a group of your besties, not least because there’s refreshments served including cake and no vintage fair would be complete without tea in china cups. Strike it lucky and your location could even have a bar!
On occasion, as you rummage through the rails your browsing may accompanied by a rockin’, swing band so you can sing along as you spend!

Top tip for Vintage Lovers!

If you go near the end of the day you may be able to haggle an awesome deal as a few  stallholders are able to knock something off the price depending on how their day has gone.
More details, including their next Yorkshire stop off,  can be found at Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair Website.

5 powerful life lessons from the women who refuse to blend in

“In a world of Kardashians… be a Janis”

Is confidence is something you are  born with? Perhaps.  I do think it is definitely something; you can develop as you get older and find your way in life.  Whether old, young, fat, thin, classically attractive or a little bit on the unconventional side, fashionable or doing your own thing; if you can exude confidence you bloody gorgeous, regardless of anything else. It is the one thing that people report as being sexy, time and time again.

In a world of preened,  reality stars, whose apparent confidence hides the fact, they are actually less than secure, the following 5 ladies have genuine confidence by the bucket – load and to me, each embody the different aspects of confidence people are drawn to.  So from self belief at work, to age defying attitude to style, here are my top 5 fiercely fashionable females who can give us a lesson not only in style, but in life.

  1. Iris Apfel

One of the most stylish seniors I have ever seen, and the inspiration behind Ari Seth Cohen’s hugely popular Advanced Style blog. The former interior designer and fashion muse and currently starring in numerous high profile adverts including car ads at 95!

Known for her vibrant and colourful dress sense, Iris is a perfect peacock who mixes couture with an ‘anything goes’ attitude; even flea markets and thrift stores are fair game. Things that don’t go together simply work, and as for those larger than life ionic round glasses, they highlight a love for accessorising that’s less than delicate.

Iris’ her pithy attitude, and fashion icon status well into her twilight years make her a formidable force. Never one to care about being pretty (because after all looks fade) she cares more about being interesting and enjoying life – and it shows!

“Humour is important in everything. Dress with a little humour and you can go a long way”

Lesson: know yourself, stay curious, and maintain a sense of humour.

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4  New Year’s Resolutions worth keeping


January  is upon us. Some of us will have been thinking of some resolutions which we believe will somehow drastically change the course of our lives during the next year and we will emerge at the end of 2017 with a body like Gigi Hadid, and the diet of Joe Wicks.

Yet, if like me, each year you vow to exercise more and eat healthier  and then crumble as soon as January reaches its second week, perhaps  keep the pizza in the fridge, and try something different this year. Here’s a few ideas which may help.

  1. Fail More

Being unafraid of failure and to take more risks is one of the things I am going to do more of in 2017. Sadly women (not all!) can sometimes be risk adverse, but it is important for us all to face our fears and take more chances.  While some risks don’t pay off, some do and regardless of the outcome, a lesson will be learnt that can pave the way to a fresh opportunity or build confidence in a new area.

For bloggers this could be going to a blogger event, stepping out of your comfort zone or even trying a new avenue. At work, taking a risk can help you demonstrate you aren’t happy how things are and willing to challenge them, which can help you stand out.

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