My new favourite online tshirt store. Skip n Whistle

I love a nice comfy t-shirt on those lazy dress down days. I’m all for a nice dress or shirt but some days only a t-shirt will do. Personally I like an old washed out band design like the good old Rolling Stones or something a bit quirky and different. This is what Skip N Whistle do best.

Skip N Whistle are an online company who produce eco friendly,  t shirts and other casual tops and are screen printed in New Orleans. There designs are quirky and sketchy and lots of fun!

I am wearing and doing a bit of shameless posing I’m afraid to say, in their Indian cats sweatshirt 
I paired it with some dark red velvet shorts (not just for summer time) and some vintage pixie boots and as its all sunny outside I added some round sunnies to finish it off.
The shirt is lovely quality material and all fleecy inside so you can have a summery top that’s still a little bit snuggly too. Now I’m not saying run riot with your wardrobe and hack off the sleeves and necks off all tops like this I think it hangs better than a regular sleeveless cotton tshirt as it has cool boxy look to it once customised. 

Instead of leaving it as a sweatshirt I have customised it by cutting off the sleeves, neck and along the bottom.

I did this as I love sleeveless tops and thought it would work well like this.

Check out their online shop I’ve got my eye on this unicorn top next. What a peach.

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