A Christmas break in a Shepherd’s hut

A girl’s night in with a difference

Pre-Christmas me and the besties usually meet up. Typically this is a restaurant followed by copious amount of wine and some drunken misdemeanors, re-told the next morning with a mixture of  both horror and delight.This time  we decided to try somewhere different, so booked into Wolds Edge Holiday Lodges, tucked away in a remote village just outside York.

Christmas in York

We started with some seasonal shopping and Betty’s Tea Room in York. The food looked so good we ordered two dishes each and a side, each. Our feeble  excuse was that this was because we had spent a whole hour queuing outside in the cold til gone 3pm. All the food was polished off. It was all very English and all very tasty.

We trawled the shops and I brought a fake stuffed parrot that I have since used as a prop for some creative style shoots. (When do you not need a stuffed bird accessory? )

It’s a Shepherd’s hut in the woods!

So there we were out in the middle the Yorkshire wolds, with nothing but a small caravan between us and the wilderness.  As the cold, crisp mist enveloped our little caravan, we made mulled wine on the stove. The Owls hooted, and trees rustled in the night breeze.



Our hut was a modern gypsy caravan all decked out in Cath Kidtson kitsch. It was all rather fantastic. Once settled we scared our self silly with scary dvds, ate chocolate until we couldn’t eat anymore, drank lots of wine and of course laughed…alot. We even got in our pyjamas and wandered round the outside, to see what we could see and make ourselves jump even more. At this point I must apologise to the middle aged couple who were enjoying the outdoor hot tub. I am sure you didn’t expect to be met with giggles and the glare of an iphone torch shone in your direction as you relaxed in your trunks and one piece.

In the morning, the experience was topped of with breakfast was already waiting in a wicker basket- eggs, toast, jam and coffee. Lovely.







True quality time is a hard to find

As lovely as Wolds Edge was the real beauty was the fact we were all together, just the three of us, with real time to talk. As you “grow up” people have children and move away from their home town to love with their partners,  spending time with good friends happens less frequently. Planning ahead becomes a key part of making these things happen. There are always a hundred reasons not to meet up, if you allow it, which makes times like this so precious.

Good friends are like stars you don’t always see them but you always know they’re there…. And a night out under the stars makes for a great time, when you do see them.

Next time we are thinking of hiring a camper van and going exploring. Bring it on!




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  1. It all looks fantastic. How brilliant to be out in the wilds and yet so cosy. Yes, it’s so important to stay in touch with friends. Maybe the activities together change -thank goodness they do, although there’s always room for a “good red” but that good feeling special friendship brings makes keeping in touch worth it.Hope you keep it up.

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