How to tie a knotted head scarf turban

How to tie a knotted vintage scarf and make an easy diy turban

This will be my first post since early November. I’ve had exams so have had to put all my energies into that but not I’m free for a while so back to doing what I love! Writing and putting some creative styling into action for you.


Now I love hats. I’ve got more hats than the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland. A hat is the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, whether it’s a chic bowler to add another dimension up an otherwise casual outfit or a wide brimmed fedora for keeping cool in winter- my burgeoning hat collection has got it covered. Where do you go from there? Why scarves as head wear of course!

The humble head scarf has been having a bit of a reprieve in recent times, after all it is a really easy way to add a touch of retro to any outfit and as an added bonus hides a bad hair day.

Bright and colourful vintage head scarves are two a penny from most vintage shops. This sort of scarf usually harks back to the 1970s worn as a headband. More recent trends have seen it worn in a 1950s “housewife” up tie, typical of the time. Great if you actually want to clean the house but let’s be honest it’s more likely to be – cause it just looks fab.

Of course the head scarf is more than just a fashion accessory. For some women it’s symbol of faith or heritage.

From the catwalk to the high street, and lets not forget her Royal Highness Queen Liz who rocks it in her own way, scarves are back big time and are showing no sign of going anywhere.

Instead of the usual head tie I thought I’d tie mine in a top knot turban style and it was really easy to do!


How to tie a knotted head scarf.

This works best on a medium to large square scarf.

1. Open out the scarf fully and place the scarf to the back of your head with the edge running under the base of your head, keeping equal lengths of scarf material free at either side.
2. Pull the length from both sides to the front of your head and hold at arms length
3. Start to twist
4. The length will start to coil naturally creating a bun shaped knot on the top of your head
5. Tuck in the end and secure in place with a safety pin – just to be sure it will stay in place. Et voila!

Top turbanning!



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