How to get granny chic silver blonde hair- by Phyllis

I have now reached my hair holy grail. Getting that white blonde platinum hair with a hint of granny silver!

Following on from an earlier post where I went from black hair to blonde I have now taken it that final stage. I had debated visiting the salon again but after parting with a big chunk of my hard earned cash I though no- you can do this yourself, its light enough- what can go wrong? An luckily – it worked  *phew*


Styled Shoot-GEVintage Fran-0050

You will need

1. Bleach London Bleach. This stuff is the business. (I have my eye on their “Washed up Mermaid” colour for use on bleached hair- one for another day maybe!?

After 30 minutes my hair had gone pure platinum – Not yellow, just pure snow white. There were a few darker bits underneath but it made it look a bit more “natural” if I can say that!The range comes with a toner if you need it and a good, quality conditioning mask- from now a good conditioner is very important. Word to the wise – always follow the instructions as to recommended development time- too little time and your hair will go yellow but leaving the bleach on longer than the recommended 45 minutes will only damage your hair- leaving it straw like and prone to snapping off.

photo (5)

2. Fudge Violet Shampoo

There are many violet shampoos on the market but this one, in my humble opinion is one of the best. It comes out pure purple. If you lather up and leave it on for approx 5 minutes you will get a visible purple tone to your bleached hair and as its a professional quality shampoo bathes your hair, leaving it lovely and silky too. As violet is the opposite end of the colour wheel to yellow the shampoo is also great for banishing any brassiness from other shades of blonde hair.

photo (3)

3. Fudge Whiter Shade of Pale

Determined to keep the silver sheen I went on a bit of a trolley dash – and picked up this product with my violet shampoo. At the time I didn’t know what it did I just saw another purple product to add to my toolkit.

  • Neutralises any remaining yellow tones in pre-lightened hair
  • Improves hair quality, soothes scalp and adds dramatic shine.
  1. Squeeze Whiter Shade of Pale onto hair
  2. Apply evenly then using some clingfilm wrap up your head – this will aid processing
  3. Processing will take between 15 – 30 minutes
  4. Voila those remaining darker blonder bits had gone, without the need for a further application of bleach


My new barnet has earned me the nick name of “Phyllis” from my work colleagues. I take this as a compliment- I love my granny chic ( you can often find me trawling the charity shops for a paisley blouse) so pour me a coco and fetch me my slippers- Phyllis is here to stay!

Style Creative- Red lipstick and bright blue velvet set off icy blonde hair perfectly

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    1. Hi Rosie – I was brunette for years and always thought blonde would wash me out. But just takes a bit of make up tweaking! Thanks so much for the comment! X

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