How to do vintage fashion at Goodwood Revival

Back in September we went to Goodwood Revival in Sussex. This year’s event was attracted in excess of 140, 000 visitors, from all over the UK and overseas. All keen to step back in time to somewhere between1948-1966; the time of Goodwood’s original operating years as a motor sports venue. photo (3) As much as I enjoyed the cars, I’m here to talk about the fashion. The Goodwood set go to great lengths to achieve that authentic, elegant look. Less Nicole and Lewis, more Mick and Bianca or Veronica Lake and Marlon Brando. Here’s my run down of two of the strongest fashion eras of the event- the 1950s and 60s.


Popular looks include the 1950s. The clothing rationing of the 1940s, then a distant memory produced a flirty look that was heavily influenced by the collections of the Parisian catwalks. The women of Goodwood  wore dresses cinched in at the waist, high heels, seamed stockings and fox furs, offset by glamorously waved hair and a dash of red lippy. I must admit when we go back next year- this is the look I would go for. These gals looked stunning! The “Housewife” look, of headscarf and pinny was also popular too. IMG_1329 For the men naval uniforms were prevalent and the more anti- establishment look of the Brylcreemed Teddy Boys and tattooed Rockers was also popular. We saw some older chaps working this look- and they looked just as cool as those half their age. IMG_1332



The social revolution of the 1960s of course, resulted in some serious fashion inspiration for Goodwood goers. The mini skirt was introduced and sex drugs and rock and roll culture made for some daring experiments circuit -side. Think Brian Jones-esque looks – a striped double breasted blazer or a vibrant suit, in purple and green crushed velvet. My dress was a 1960s green silk number which I wore with huge oversized round sunglasses and a fur hat. Derek looked quite the dapper gent in one of my top hats and braces, for a John Lennon look that left quite an impression on passersby! Judging by the first pic he’s managed to get the posing, not posing look down to a T don’t you think?   IMG_1441 IMG_1324

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