Dark to blonde hair- Do hair colour strippers work?

New year new hair colour right? In the space of a week I took the plunge and took my hair colour from black hair to blonde. My mission was to get my hair as light as I could ready for the professional and therefore save money. (Hurrah!) I had already been told they would only take my hair colour as far as light brown. I would have to come back in 6 weeks. I couldn’t wait that long. I want blonde locks now!

So do  “hair strippers” work and would it prep my hair ready for the hairdresser? Or is bleaching the best way to lighten at home?

Taking my hair from black to blonde



I used Adee Phelan colour stripper on my black hair. There is a handy video on you tube to guide users. It is not meant to lighten hair but remove hair colour molecules from dyed dark hair. It was quite a lengthy process and involved a lot of rinsing and wrapping my head in cling film!

What I got was a medium auburn shade. This product does NOT strongly lighten the hair; it lifts it slightly and acted like a cleansing process, without using bleach.

This was good as there would be a lot of lightening later on so provided some much needed damage control in this early stage.

2. BLEACH- application 1

Time to take the plunge and ramp this blonde thing up a gear. I used L’Oreal Wild Ombré bleach– on my whole head! (What can I say I like the comb thing!)
Here my hair went yellow. Yes YELLOW. Not good. Yellowy orange is one if the natural colour stages really dark hair goes before turning blonde. This blunder was caused by not leaving it on long enough for my dark hair or that the bleach wasn’t strong enough. This is a common cause of yellow hair.
Cindy Lauper eat your heart out. Not what I wanted.

3. BLEACH AT THE SALON and Fudge Violet shampoo.

There was no going back now. My yellow hair needed saving. Call the professionals.
I was sat with professional bleach on for an hour. For blondes a violet toner is key. So in the meantime til my next visit ill be using lots of violet shampoo to keep the yellow at bay. Fudge is one of the best, and if left on long enough, gives that coveted bluey grey hue on bleached hair, plus its really conditioning too.

In conclusion if you have dark hair, yes a colour stripper can save time and money as it is never recommended to go blonde straight away.

After that, leave it to the professionals. Cindy Lauper is not a good look, nor will your poor hair thank you. I believe this is what is known as false economy?

Do you have any hair disasters you want to share?


fresh blonde hair!
fresh blonde hair!

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