Getting used to a baby bump…whilst moving house

Pregnant vintage style

Mum- to- be and what’s else is new?

So I haven’t written a blog post in absolutely ages, but we have had quite a few things happening since early 2018!

We have a baby boy due in October 2018, and were fortunate enough to get on the property ladder and have bought a 1850s old farm house (no farm, mind, but it used to be!) in a beuaty of a village in Hillam, North Yorkshire, just a short drive from my favourite city in the North, and previous home, Leeds.

It is a bit of a long term project, which is why we were able to get it – it has been rented for 16 years and empty for 2- so we got the feeling as lovely as it is, no body else is brave or has the patience to touch it! There’s so much to do, from the short term (leaky shower) to the long term (damp proofing and external rendering) but hey, that is all part of the fun right?  We have started painting the nursery, I have so many ideas! So lucky that Derek is willing to get handy with the paint brush whilst I wait until the baby is born.

I will miss city centre living of course, it was convenient, I mean to have all that city just on your doorstep was pretty cool- we could go out visit the bars and restaurants when we pleased, not to mention order from Delieveroo whenever we felt like it. But when it comes to long term plans and wellbeing, country living has the edge.

They say there are 3 things to happiness, no matter what your background. One- to have something to do. Two – to have someone to love and three to have something to look forward to. So far so good.

The pregnancy journey so far…

So far being pregant has been all good and I am just going with the flow. Now I am not saying it has exactly been a  breeze, despite a rather lovely instagrammer saying I looked very serene in these pics. Why thank you kind lady, but I must say that is testimony perhaps to a gorgeous hazy summer day, an awesome photographer pal in Laura Adams (insta: Laura_Carly_Adams) .I am now in the let’s say slightly ‘easier’ second trimester, in fact it will be 22 weeks tomorrow. The morning-sickness has pretty much gone, and I am eating like a creature who has just come out of hibernation and found themselves outside a cheese deli.

I am trying to stick to a healthy diet and have been reading up on certian nutritional benefits, which has been really interesting. But, there has been the odd wierd craving along the way so far. Sardines on toast with jalepenos, for one, along with prawn cocktail crisp sandwiches with … yup more cheese. I actually went to sleep thinking about this particular combo.

The  sleeping positions have become a bit more of a challenge. I have borrowed one of these sleep pillows from my sister in law and it’s become a god-send and I am still unable to watch a film in full if we put one on after 8pm.  Could be alot worse! I am just keeping everything crossed our little blue bird is happy and healthy and thank our stars that we have been able to get pregnant to begin with, as there are plenty of awesome mums in the making who haven’t been able to conceive. So wherever you are on your journey if you are thinking of starting a family, trying or are a new tribe, I have everything crossed for you.

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Why I am determined to keep my vintage style during pregnancy

I am currently living in large oversized Tshirts such as this one, as my available and appropriate wardrobe is rapidly shrinking along with my waistline. I’m trying to make sure its always paired with a wild kaftan or crazy trousers.- because it’s so easy to just live in leggings when you are not feeling too perky. I do have hoodies, in fact I am living in them when slobbing about the house, but when I am off out, I am a firm believer that it is  just as easy to grab a bright and flowery stylish cover up and pair it with some culottes (stretchy waistband of course) or something comfy but cool and quirky, as it is slipping into some leggings or sweat pants! It’s just about buying smart and keeping your own sense of style in there…. somewhere.

The reason I am going to try and keep my vintage style is 1) It is part of who I am and I don’t want to lose this. Mumsy fashion just isn’t me. 2) Wearing this sort of thing make me feel confident, and its this confidence that may be stretched to breaking point when our little blue bird arrives. So I am going to make the effort to grab the vintage over the sweat pants, no matter how tired I am, when I am out and about. Because, yes there’s more to life that an outfit, but its a good way to keep normality when everything around you is changing. Peace.

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Stretchy trews from Urban Outfitters
Around 6 weeks… when I could still wear button up shirts. The red cullottes have remained my best friend though.

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