Frustrated with Blogger? How I changed to WordPress from Blogger in 5 easy steps

Frustrated with the limitations of a Blogger Blogspot account? Can’t afford professional blog design and need to make your blog look that bit more professional?

The Blogger Vs WordPress  debate is always a hot topic. Here is my case for changing from Blogger to WordPress (something I have done only yesterday) and why if you are a blogger and want to create a more professional site WordPress is the only way to go.

The Blogger (Blogspot) as a platform has its advantages; it’s simple to use, free and you can set up a new blog instantly. But after I had been on it a while, without any coding knowledge I found the templates limiting, the opportunities for networking limiting (connect on GFC and commenting was about it) and of course you will always have the dreaded .blogspot at the end of your domain carefully crafted domain name.

Because of its limitations its seen as something that is great for new bloggers to start off with and test the water and find out who you want to be as a blogger, but once you feel the need to take things up a gear, for many bloggers it can fall short.

I wanted to do more with the design and short of messing about with images and fonts each weekend (oh the hours I wasted trying to tart up my blog with an image here and a bit of Lobster font there) enough was enough. Time to make the change.

A few of the WordPress Advantages

  • Hundreds of free professional templates on the WordPress hosted site
  • Sharability and networking opportunities. You can re-blog and be re-blogged!
  • A multitude of tools such as the creation of image galleries, will help better showcase your pics and work
  • Analytics are more comprehensive than Blogger, for example you can see who has linked through today from your twitter page
  • .com or or alternative options which is better for your personal brand and better for search and SEO plus search engines love wordpress, as apparently the code is clean and simple and easy for search engines to read.

For me it was also a chance to start afresh, with a new name and a new design completely. Ooh I couldn’t have been more excited about widgets if I had tried.

Here’s how I changed from Blogger to WordPress in 5 easy steps

  1. Purchase my domain  I used as they can recommended, pretty cheap. Make sure you grab the main variations, you have come this far, don’t cut corners now!  You will have to start off with a default until the .com version is live. This will take about 12-24 hours. TIP Check all of your social platforms have your chosen name available before you make the commitment.
  2. To fetch your export file, log in to the your Blogger Blog. From there you can Settings > Export Blog in the control panel for your Blogger blog. This will be saved as a XML file which gathers up all your lovely posts comments, categories and tags ready to populate your new blog. Import your file by simply browsing.
  3. Import your Blogger Blog. Left Hand Side Admin Pane you will find Tools > Import blog from Blogger and browse to find the file
  4. Then you can mess about and enjoy previewing the templates until you find one that suits you. Once you have exported it will probably look slightly off and you will have to go through and tweak things.
  5. Map the domain name you have brought to your new blog (this was a cost but was minimal)

Happy Days. Now go back and play and discover the benefits of having a brand new shiny wordpress blog! After all playing about with what you can do is part of the fun.

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