Festival fashion ideas for vintage babes

When it comes to festival outfits, as much as I love the “classic festival look”, there is a risk that you can end up looking like everyone else. At festivals across the UK I expect we will see hordes of girls floating across the fields in a tried and tested uniform of denim shorts, hunter wellies and kimonos.   The other weekend we were lucky enough to go to Live at Leeds, a city festival in Yorkshire. Whilst it was sunny, it was quite chilly and therefore there wasn’t much call for denim shorts, yet, for me this presented the perfect opportunity to try a different style of festival look.
Just a bit on the festival itself, for anyone who is UK based- Live at Leeds ..well what a peach of a day! We started at midday at the O2 Academy, an intimate venue in the city to watch the Mystery Jets, who definitely delivered.  They rocked out to a medley of bouncing hits like “Two Doors Down” which had us all singing along loudly, along with the new belter that is “Bubblegum.” Welcome back boys! Anyway enough of the music, what about the clothes you say! Here’s my run down of festival fashion for vintage babes.

1. Pick a bold patterned dress and waistcoat

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2.  Vintage sunglasses and boho jewellery

Looking for THE perfect festival jewellery, with a touch of bohemian grunge? Look no further that Shop Dixi. I wore this pretty silver Showdown Blue Opal choker which was kindly gifted along with my everyday turquoise earrings.  I love this brand sooo much, they do an awesome mandala ring which I have my beady eye on, as well as loads of pretty silver pieces with enough moonstone gems and silvery lengths for you to  layer up, like a foxy thing and dance around in til midnight.

2. Aim for fringing on EVERYTHING


3. Add some velvet

Mixing fabrics Is my favourite part of retro styling. Velvet is warm for one, so totally appropriate for UK (we’re not in Coachella ya know!) But for me velvet, along with paisley and retro bold patterns epitomises 70s style but also adds a touch of luxe to any 70s outfit.  Try a velvet cape or even velvet flares instead of jeans.

4. Make your boots your statement piece

Try irregular choice for statement. Weird and wonderful these boots are bound to get you noticed. That’s unless it rains of course and you have to reach for your wellies!


5. Ditch the parka for a 70s sheepskin coat


If you like to get your threads from charity shops, check out my top tips for charity shop fashion.

I’d love to know what festival looks you’re going for? And whatever festival you go to this year have a peachy time! Peace xx


Images updated Winter 2016.


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