Clueless turns 18! – Film’s 90s Fashion Moment

Like totally super awesome! “Clueless” has come of age; and this July has turned 18.

If any one film is to conjure up the fond nostalgic memories of growing up in the 90s then this film is it. 

For those us in our late twenties this film will go back to secondary school, it was the film all us girls watched. We wanted to go to a high school like that, wear pop socks, own a convertible and shop til we dropped.
The spoiled rich girl with a heart Cher was the first teen screen queen, and here is my homage to the film that spawned a thousand one liners, with a round up of why its still so great!
The 90s fashion

Ah the 1990s how I miss thee! The Tartan minis, over the knee socks, tie dye brights and grunge. Isn’t it funny how half of these things are back in fashion now. Here is my take on a bit of 90s grunge. I’m in love with these new leggings-  worn wrongly they could make you look like a middle aged golfer but worn with a faded T and they obligatory hat they are pretty cool.
tartan leggings and top both Topshop

More tartan grungyness

The music
Opening with Kim Wilde’s Kids in America and with a peppering of Britpop including The Lightning seeds “Change” and supergrass “Alright” made for a really rather good film soundtrack.

Timeless. Funny and with some classic quotes. Eh they don’t make them like they used to!

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