Dining out on a budget – Bundobust Leeds Review


 “The weekend is upon us we should all take the time to do the things we love with family and friends” someone wise once said.

You may have noticed that street food is having a bit of a moment. But this fast food is not a new thing; far from it. It seems to date back to ancient times when poor people visited the marketplace, soups, pitta breads and meats.

How funny that something once looked down upon is now something we desire? It’s a funny old world isn’t it.

In my home town of Leeds it’s a common sight to walk past a pop up shop or marketplace filled with street food stalls from different nationalities, creating a theatre of flavours that are hard to resist.

When you think about it, street food has all the ingredients of a perfect weekend moment, why- because its cheap, tasty and great fun!

5 reasons to enjoy street food this weekend

  • Great Value – At around £5 a dish, street food is convenient and good value meaning more money to spend on other things
  • Relaxed environment – The scene is so popular it seems to have evolved, from the streets to the food halls and canteens. All this makes for a no pressure, non pretentious environment that’s perfect for a weekend meet up. Of course you can still gather in a marketplace for a more authentic experience. StreetFood.org.uk has kindly gathered together a list of popular UK Street food to make finding a market near you easier.
  • Small delights. As with life it’s the little things that count. Street food often comes in little pots so you don’t have to choose just one dish, you can have 3 or 6 or however many you like. We all know new and exciting experiences make life more interesting after all.
  • Mango beer. Many of the street food vendors sell craft beer. Would it be wrong to say the perfect weekend moment needs alcohol? No? I agree. Look out for the mango beer, this stuff is like nectar. Hunt it out and enjoy, you haven’t tasted anything like it.
  • Add friends (see below)

Bundobust In Leeds Yorkshire Bloggers Lunch Meet – May

Bundobust  in Leeds serves scrummy Indian vegetarian dishes from the comfort of their quirky colourful canteen. It is a collaboration between Prashad restaurant and The Sparrow Bier Cafe. After the success of sold out events, the team made Leeds Mill Hill their permanent home.

It’s the perfect venue for meeting friends, and wile away some serious hours chatting. Which is exactly why I arranged the May Yorkshire Bloggers Lunch Meet there.

The food was fantastic. My faves are Vada Pav a spicy mash potato burger and the black lentil curry all served in manageable pots (I’d recommend 3 dishes)   Plus the Okre fries are so tasty. Okre is super high in fibre and vitamins. Bonus!

We all tucked in, there was barely a word was spoken the food was so tasty (that rarely happens on our lunch meets)  As usual it was great to meet some new faces and once again see some familiar ones all becoming friends. And this is the very reason I started to arrange the meet ups in the first place!  If you are from Yorkshire and want to join us for the next one drop me a tweet or email.

Happy weekend everyone!

Bloggers at May Lunch Meet