Vintage home: How to distress furniture in 3 steps

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How to distress furniture in 3 steps

Vintage home hack ONE : 

For me a home must tell a story. In every corner a new fabric or texture. Mis- matched and cosy; some things may be treasured keepsakes from travels, others, just because they are wonderful colourful or odd.

We live in an apartment. I love it but it’s not quite the blank canvas in creating a vintage home to the full extent I would like.

We are lucky enough to have some amazing features, the exposed brickwork and heavy wooden beams, lend themselves nicely to a vintage look, but we’re limited to how much we can do as we rent it, such as paint the walls.

In my eyes, our future home will be filled with folksy touches, it will of course have an Aga farmhouse kitchen, Georgian windows and quirky snugs draped with lace. The massive garden will grow wild flowers.. surrounded by a lake.. just kidding. But, nether the less, until that day, and judging by my wish list, the day we win the lottery, I have challenged myself with making our city apartment a slice of vintage heaven.

One thing you can do easily to add vintage touches, is to paint the furniture and distress it.

Inspiration from: “Granny Chic Crafty recipes & inspiration for the handmade home from Dottie Angel and Ted & Agnes

“Granny Chic” is a book that is one of my favourite sources of inspiration. The girls are dab hands at upcycling, using vintage fabrics and second-hand objects to make hand-made goodness, from lace lampshades to ditsy print fabric wrapped coathangers. This is grandma style with a bit of an edge. Casually flicking through I saw this image of a beautiful green chair. Farmhouse or period pieces are best, you can find similar in local charity shop, if you’re lucky or scour the online sites such as ebay or

My chosen table is a lonely and scuffed little table, that is in need of some love. So I decided to it the vibrant green in the book, then distress it. Things look better when they aren’t perfect- don’t you think?

What you need;

  1. Valspar silk paint in “Energetic vibe” or any similar colour if you want this exact aqua green.
  2. Vaseline
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Medium sized brush
  5. Don’t forget your newspaper for the floor, especially if you’re clumsy like me.





How to distress paint your table

  1. Sand your table. This removes the gloss and gives the paint something to stick to.
  2. Rub Vaseline onto the corners of the table. The oils in the Vaseline create a barrier, preventing the paint from sticking, so you don’t have to sand it to get that undercoat to show thought- easy!
  3. Paint it a vibrant colour. Don’t be scared now, there’s no going back… and it will look amazing trust me.

Next – Forget about it, while its drying. Make a doily or something to go on top of it.. or maybe not… Then all you need to do is admire it. Your peachy new table.

….I then got a bit carried away and started painting other things. If Derek had come back at that moment I would have painted him too.

Luckily I found a few vases and painted an old mirrored door that was once part of a wardrobe to make a shiny new bedroom mirror, as shown in the top picture!



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Paint it green, paint it any colour just make sure it’s bright. It’s good for your soul.

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