4  New Year’s Resolutions worth keeping


January  is upon us. Some of us will have been thinking of some resolutions which we believe will somehow drastically change the course of our lives during the next year and we will emerge at the end of 2017 with a body like Gigi Hadid, and the diet of Joe Wicks.

Yet, if like me, each year you vow to exercise more and eat healthier  and then crumble as soon as January reaches its second week, perhaps  keep the pizza in the fridge, and try something different this year. Here’s a few ideas which may help.

  1. Fail More

Being unafraid of failure and to take more risks is one of the things I am going to do more of in 2017. Sadly women (not all!) can sometimes be risk adverse, but it is important for us all to face our fears and take more chances.  While some risks don’t pay off, some do and regardless of the outcome, a lesson will be learnt that can pave the way to a fresh opportunity or build confidence in a new area.

For bloggers this could be going to a blogger event, stepping out of your comfort zone or even trying a new avenue. At work, taking a risk can help you demonstrate you aren’t happy how things are and willing to challenge them, which can help you stand out.

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