You Can Visit Jimi Hendrix’s Flat And Here’s What To Expect

You Can Visit Jimi Hendrix’s Flat And Here’s What To Expect

“This is the first real home of my own”
Jimi Hendrix Bedroom

Tourist? Travel Blogger? Music Fan? If you are looking for places to visit in London his year, make it visiting Jimi Hendrix flat.

Hendrix flat is a joint exhibition, and shares the same building as the composer Handel.
The Handel and Hendrix project was only set up in Feb 2016. Previously the Hendrix flat was used as offices for Handel exhibition staff – can you believe it!
Following permission, from his then girlfriend Kathy Etchingham, Hendrix’s bedroom has been carefully restored using photos from the flat from the time he lived there in 1969.
“In this room he and Etchingham entertained a small number of friends who often came back to the flat after attending gigs in the area”.
Treading the same boards as Hendrix as a fan is a real privilege. The man, the legend has been a inspiration of mine since I was little and used to listen to my dad’s LPs. Before you enter the bedroom you can discover more about the history of his home, the stories that were made and the people who visited from the information and video snippets up on the walls.

So what is Jimi Hendrix bedroom like?

Jimi Hendrix Bedroom in his flat on Brook Street

Hendrix’ bedroom

“Jimi enjoyed choosing the colours and textures…very unusual colours at the time and then discussing them with the sales staff. Other shoppers stopped and stared in amazement not expecting to see Jimi Hendrix discussing patterns in the curtain department at John Lewis”

Now we’re talking serious room goals here. What a beautiful place this is; perfectly replicated and a hauntingly real account of how he lived. His “favourite” Victorian shawl adorns a spot above the bed. Absolute bedroom goals!

The oval mirror next to the bed is the original (not a replica) and is in the exact spot when Hendrix and Etchingham lived here. I took a minute to look into the exact mirror that once reflected a legend. Chills! 

Framed sketches, TV set, record collections, Persian rugs and whiskey decanters are all objects that would have decorated his room back in 1969 whilst little details such as cigarette ends and song lyrics, really bring it to life.

The vibrant bedspread was woven by a textile specialist Wallace Sewell to match the original. Apparently “Guests would sit around the bed and on the floor and every morning Hendrix would make the bed neat and presentable again, probably as a result of his military background”.

Apparently the team did such a good job of recreating the room, when Etchingham saw it after its transformation- she was moved to tears.

The man was not only the world’s most phenomenal guitarist but his eclectic taste made him a true maverick, favouring bohemian fabrics and colours that reflected his personality perfectly. Highly recommended!

Price to visit Hendrix flat: Admission to Jimi Hendrix flat is £10
Address of Jimi Hendrix’s Flat: 23 Brook Street, London.

When Twiggy came to Yorkshire

Twiggy 60s Gif

When Twiggy Came To Yorkshire

It’s not every day you get to meet a 60’s icon, yet the other week I had the pleasure of  meeting Twiggy!

The event was held at the M&S Archive Museum in early April in Leeds and was to launch the new Twiggy Archive Collection online and in-store.

On the day 5 style-led bloggers, including myself and a whole lot of M&S loyalty card holders were treated to an archive catwalk show (which included items from the new, retro inspired Twiggy collection), afternoon tea and… wait for it.. a chance to meet the lady herself! Actual Twiggy!

On the day I donned my best baker boy hat (of course) and was feeling groovier than a fox in bell bottoms, backstage at a Beatles gig.

The day started with a catwalk show took us all back in time to bygone eras of the 20’s right through to the present day, with a particularly patterned entrance from my favourite era, the 1970s. How fabulous are the aviators in the picture? We saw some dreamy maxi dresses and hats too …We were in vintage clothing heaven! Aside from the gorgeous threads on parade, it was actually all very informative and it’s safe to say we all learnt a thing or two about how  styles and materials have evolved overtime.


Twiggy M&S
Actual Twiggy!
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5 powerful life lessons from the women who refuse to blend in

“In a world of Kardashians… be a Janis”

Is confidence is something you are  born with? Perhaps.  I do think it is definitely something; you can develop as you get older and find your way in life.  Whether old, young, fat, thin, classically attractive or a little bit on the unconventional side, fashionable or doing your own thing; if you can exude confidence you bloody gorgeous, regardless of anything else. It is the one thing that people report as being sexy, time and time again.

In a world of preened,  reality stars, whose apparent confidence hides the fact, they are actually less than secure, the following 5 ladies have genuine confidence by the bucket – load and to me, each embody the different aspects of confidence people are drawn to.  So from self belief at work, to age defying attitude to style, here are my top 5 fiercely fashionable females who can give us a lesson not only in style, but in life.

  1. Iris Apfel

One of the most stylish seniors I have ever seen, and the inspiration behind Ari Seth Cohen’s hugely popular Advanced Style blog. The former interior designer and fashion muse and currently starring in numerous high profile adverts including car ads at 95!

Known for her vibrant and colourful dress sense, Iris is a perfect peacock who mixes couture with an ‘anything goes’ attitude; even flea markets and thrift stores are fair game. Things that don’t go together simply work, and as for those larger than life ionic round glasses, they highlight a love for accessorising that’s less than delicate.

Iris’ her pithy attitude, and fashion icon status well into her twilight years make her a formidable force. Never one to care about being pretty (because after all looks fade) she cares more about being interesting and enjoying life – and it shows!

“Humour is important in everything. Dress with a little humour and you can go a long way”

Lesson: know yourself, stay curious, and maintain a sense of humour.

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