Why you should go Teepee camping in Europe instead of a B&B

What is it about Teepee tents that are so wonderful? Ok so they are pretty cool places to stay in the UK and we have some pretty stunning views if our own. Yet the mountains of Europe (Or more specifically Italy near the Amalfi coast, in our case) offer something rather special.

We found a little retreat with Teepee tents nestled right on the mountain side. I have no words that can do it justice – so just check out the pics and video below!

Here’s my top 3 reasons why you should give the hotel rooms a break, unleash your inner wild woman and give glamping a go!

  1. Be about as close to nature as you can get

In the words of Pink Floyd; If there’s a bustle in the hedgerow don’t be alarmed now.

As we lay there at night, each and every sound, had me convinced a wild animal was prowling around, but in the morning I realised how irrational that was, staying in a ranch like Holiday Ranch is (and you should make sure this is the case wherever you stay) perfectly safe and cordoned off from the wider wilderness… but the beauty of it is you are still close enough to feel like you were a sleeping side by side with nature.

  1. Fresh food, enjoyed in the open air

What better feeling is there than enjoying fresh food, overlooking the mountains? We enjoyed fresh ricotta cheese and meats from a neighbouring farm out in the open air and it really was something else! If you don’t have a host, then grab your gas stove and rustle up something tasty whilst you take it all in.

  1. Stare at the stars and take some time to reflect

What better thing is there than to take a moment to look up at the stars. Kind of makes you appreciate how blessed you are to be alive.

During our time at Holiday Ranch we spent some time doing just this. As the teepee was perched right on the mountain edge, at night we could look down into the town of Salerno below us. From dusk the town was lit up like a thousand stars, and with stars above it really was heavenly place to be. No noise other than the sound of cricket – the word peaceful was made for places like this.


A review of Holiday Ranch, Salerno.

We stayed at holiday Ranch in Salerno. Out host Govanni was simply wonderful, right from the start he made us feel so welcome. The searing heat was unbearable but he provided us with bottles of water and chatted to us in (his English is better than he gives himself credit for) We walked up the winding pathway to our teepee. The tent was one of 5 others perfectly place at the edge of the mountainside looking out into the most stunning views of Salerno

Near to the Teepees there were some hammocks, where we spent a good few hours watching the sun go down and listening to some country rock. There is a shower area next to the Teepees as well as a campfire.

We enjoyed 2 nights at Holiday Ranch and at this time were the only ones there (It is a new business and apparently many of the locals join them at the weekend).  Gianni made us feel right at home, nothing was too much trouble, he even went to fetch fresh ricotta and meats for us to enjoy in the restaurant. Big shout out to his beautiful daughter,and the adorable jack Russell named Ginger!

On the second night we were honoured to be asked to join Gianni and his family for dinner in the restaurant as it was a birthday. Everyone made the effort to speak to us, and we got to learn a little more about the local area too.

All in all this was one of the best places we have visited for uniqueness, views and hospitality! Highly recommended. Book Holiday Ranch Salerno today.

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