Suprising Ways To De-Stress This November

Sometimes life can get pretty stressful. I fully appreciate there are more important things happening in the world than work deadlines, difficult decisions, long hours and bills to pay. Yet a long week at the office can leave you feeling really fried, so its important to take a break from your screen and take some time to relax and tune out.

Some of my tried and tested ways to zone out are ones you can probably relate to. This includes slipping on a pair of cosy socks, spiced pumpin candle on the go, curling up and watching a horror film with my beardy man and singing loudly classic rock over on Sunday playlist. If its been a particularly rough one; a bath full of Lush’s finest fizzers and an extra large glass of Tesco’s red usually does the trick.

These ways are all good, but it can only be a good thing to keep exploring new tips and tricks. Here’s a few fresh ways you may not have thought of to help re-discover your inner calm.

  1. Relax your weary mind with some calligraphy

Like chicken soup for the soul, calligraphy is a surprising way to get your chill back. Its cheap, and really works- you could say its the perfect way to make damn sure have “you time”without interruption. Look online for the basics and you will soon discover it’s rather therapeutic to leisurely work your way through some lettering while film or music is playing. If you are happy with it, stick it in a frame. If you’re feeling really creative you could even make your own Christmas cards… or wedding stationery…or website branding… !

I discovered calligraphy at the Viking Arty Party a few weeks ago, hosted by the fine folk at Search Labs in Leeds. About 50 or so of us Yorkshire blogger types gathered at Lamberts Yard for a festive themed event, complete with mulled wine, catch ups and some groovy Christmas jumpers.

Fancy a dabble? You can get your calligraphy pens here

  1. Walk in the woods and go where the wifi is weak

Sunlight is a scarce commodity in the UK in the Winter months, so when its not raining, I often wrap up in my shearling, put my favourite cowboy boots on and head out into the wild. We often visit Chevin Forest in Yorkshire for an hour or so to escape the city and get some fresh air. Time really seems to stand still, as you watch the wind blow through the trees and stroll aimlessly through the woods. By getting away from your screen and into nature its a sure fire way to allow yourself the time to completely switch off from the world around you.

  1. Discover sweet- sweet sleep with the Calm App

Trouble drifting off at night? The Calm App is free and is a  little trick I have discovered that works wonders. With this app you can learn to meditate, listen to soothing sounds or try one of the many (free) sleep stories send you on your way. They really do work! So download, tune out and let Stephen Fry and his dulcet tones tip you into sweet sweet slumber.


#Ad Images for the Viking Arty Party: Search Labs