Photoshoot with Grandma Eileens Vintage

So there I was in Leeds City Centre; wearing gold pixie boots, a backless dress and a red turban waving at an imaginary person in the distance.  I’m standing under a small bridge next to a large wall emblazoned with brightly coloured graffiti and it had only just turned 10am.

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No I hadn’t been on an all nighter, still drunk and lost my way home. I was doing my very first photoshoot…

A few weeks ago I was asked by the lovely Laura Adams of Grandma Eileen’s Vintage. to do a shoot with her for her website.

Laura and I met by that veritable door-opener that is Twitter. She said she liked my “quirky vintage” style and asked me if I’d like to be photographed for her E- newsletter. I jumped at the chance.

We were joined by her friend the rather talented photographer Natasha Cadman.

Once I had got over the sub zero temperatures, the curious passersby on their way to the shops . Not to mention waited for the rather dodgy teenager smoking a joint from beneath his grey hoodie to move on from under the bridge –  I had a rather fabulous time.

I wore an outfit I wore out on New Year’s Eve plus some items from Grandma Eileen’s online store to help showcase her pieces.

Outfit One

–          A red turban from a charity shop (there are loads similar if you search on Ebay) with a gold broach attached to the front. My top alternative to a bowler or any other hat.

–          Gold boots

–          My green River Island Military Coat. To contrast with the colourful urban backdrop it was all about the clashing colours. Something I like to do anyway.

–          A faux fur collar. Usually I wouldn’t have worn this with the rest of the outfit, but it seemed to work. Plus it kept out the cold well.

–          A brown and black 1950’S spotted backless dress with buttons up the back of the skirt

Outfit Two

–          An awesome electric blue velvet vintage dress from Grandma Eileen’s fastened with a belt. This colour worked great with my new bleached do

–          A pillbox hat from Grandma Eileen’s

–          Tan 70s strappy sandals from Grandma Eileen’s

It seems the trick to a successful shoot is being natural  and not posting. and in fact looks so much better than the posed pictures you see on blogs. I was never that good at the posing pictures anyway, It always felt to awkward. I have added a few retro filters to a few as I like the effect.

The experience has  given me endless inspiration and not to mention a whole set of professional pictures for my this blog.

Am I considering a career as Leeds next to model – absolutely not – I enjoy my food far too much and have put a rather flattering filter on half of these to hide a multitude of sins. But I did enjoy the rumblings the next morning at work “ooh I saw you on Facebook are you modelling??”

Laura is a fellow blogger and its definitely worth you signing up to her newsletter and visiting the website for a browse.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about both of their sites.

There are umpteen million vintage stores online, hard to stand out from the crowd but with Grandma Eileen’s, there’s real story behind it- in the inspiration behind the site – Grandma Eileen. Laura writes her content with passion and a genuine love for what she does.

And of course there’s more vintage clothing  that would satisfy the needs of any serious vintage bargain hunter.

Photographer Natasha offers “wedding photography using natural light with an editorial flair”. So it you are in the north of the country and want a true professional who is armed bundles of creativity then look her up.

Cheers ladies, see you soon!


Styled Shoot-GEVintage Fran-0073#

View More: http://natashacadman./XFl2J121792

Styled Shoot-GEVintage Fran-0092

View More: http://natashacadman./XFl2J121792

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Red Plastic

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