Things to do: Visit Castle Howard’s secret garden


“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden. – Frances Hodgson Burnett. The Secret Garden.

Did you know, Yorkshire has its very own secret garden?  Originally an 18th century kitchen garden, the walled garden at Castle Howard is the most stunning, wild, rose garden. Ok, ok, it’s not that secret. It’s only yards away from the castle, but just like the garden in the beloved children’s book, it’s got walled corners and secret doors overgrown with ivy just waiting to be explored.

Discover Castle Howard’s Rose Garden this winter

Even in winter it’s the dreamiest of places. Its quiet, almost eerie, trees creak and winter flowers bravely face the cold, like pieces lace blowing in the wind.   I cannot put it any better that the website itself:

“Romantic Italianate trellises, hornbeam hedges and backdrop of brick walls, these gardens are a sheltered paradise of colour and intoxicating perfume, where visitors will enjoy a spectacle of massed roses. In total there are 2000 modern roses of all types making this one of England’s most comprehensive collections”.  ‘Nuff said really.

As we strolled round the garden, I imagined it was just like the secret garden in the book. Here, Burnett explores the healing power inherent in living things, with her protagonist Mary ”finding herself” as both she and the garden come back to life ( DEEP)..

Not quite as dramatic and definitely not worthy of a best seller; I too have been discovering Yorkshire’s green pastures.  Since living here, I have been inspired to photograph some of its wild, untamed beauty and Castle Howard provided some peachy shots.

Be inspired by wild untamed nature

There is no better place to be inspired by others experiences through photography, than on Instagram. One of the things I love about it is that it brings you into contact with some awesome profiles, some of which continue to inspire me as I dabble (albeit not so successfully) in capturing nature.

Some Instagram nature goddesses

Fellow Yorkshire Blogger Jen Little Birdie, Rustic Bones, Secrets Of Green and Annie Spratt are some of my favourites, and are definitely worth checking out. I’m becoming obsessed with the green… Plus, if you are a fellow style blogger, plants are great for adding additional interest and colour to your Instagram grid.

The gardens are open all year round. 1,000 acres of parkland with meandering woodland paths, lakeside terraces, temples, fountains as well as the walled garden, are just waiting for you to explore!

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