Burlesque club night! Feminists or just a bunch of strippers??

Have you ever been to a burlesque club? 
If not- you really should try it as an alternative to a night on the town!
The burlesque scene seems to be enjoying a bit of a revival in recent years.
This is largely down to the retro appeal, female friendly atmosphere, andvaried mix of clientele; from couples to groups of girls right through to transvestites and punks.
I’ve been to “The Wet Spot” in my home town of Leeds  twice now, this time the line up included hilarious compare “Ryvita Von Cheese” (brilliant name), fire eater Cat Aclysmic and a rather flexible chappy sporting very VERY small silver hotpants called Go Go Harder!
The acts themselves are are all very tongue in cheek and the night is centred around a mix of glamour and comedy.
It could be argued  though that is just stripping dressed up like art. Maybe this is not far from the truth but does it, like stripping make objects out of women?
If you ever go you will see that it’s really less stripping and more of a bit of tease and never involved total nudity. It’s fun, quirky and involves amazing vintage outfits. The women (of varying ages and sizes may I add) were sexy but not necessarily conventionally so. 
It seems to empower those women who perform they are cheered on and the audience is laughing with them and the fact that its hosted by a woman adds to its female appeal.
Plus none of the men were learing (or not obviously so) and if they were they would have got a slap from one of the many accompanying females! 
Go Girls I say!
What do you think about them? Have you ever been?
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Me in my outfit for the eve after a few pre club wines!
Raspberry Beret! tra lala

Girls Night Out

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  1. Found your post really interesting because I knew nothing about the burlesque scene. but I do have a daughter who lives in Leeds so maybe, just maybe I might ask her to take me along to this club the next time I'm over there. Will start looking out an outfit: thigh-length boots, a basque-I don't think so but it all sounds good fun. I hear that Hebden Bridge Council has refused a burlesque evening taking place in the Town Hall. Think you should write and tell them what they're missing!

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