And it was all yellow! Reasons to love it

The Grand Depart came to my home town of Leeds today. I am not a fan of cycling to be fair, but the atmosphere in the city today was pretty fabby as the cyclists set off from Millennium Square. To quote Coldplay Leeds was all Yellow (and a little bit white with red spots too) When it comes to clothes, some people may think yellow is not an easy colour to wear. In fact, I think some people are scared of yellow -well unless you are a lyrca clad Frenchman that is. I admit, I love wearing black and grey and live in my bretton tops, but always try and add a splash of bright or something quirky into an outfit whatever that is. Blue tights and red shoes and recently I have brought some Yellow culottes and a yellow satchel. Wearing a pop of colour gives you a lift and just makes an outfit more interesting. Have you noticed that when you put on a bright colour it makes you feel better? It is surprisingly easy to add splashes of yellow to your wardrobe without looking like big bird.

Here’s a cheeky round up of why I say yes to yellow! Yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness. It can represent optimism and positivity. Studies have shown the colour yellow can activate the memory, encourage, build confidence. in some cultures, yellow represents peace. It’s the colour that’s most visible to the human eye- so it makes you stand out, which is good right? Why blend in I say.


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