54 Bloggers and the IT gadget for 2015

What happens when you invite 54 bloggers to a juicing and yoga event  at Lamberts Yard in Leeds?

The answer, some dubious “downward dog” yoga positions, mocktails, one broken juicer and a lot of laughs.

In January and February the nation goes on a health kick and we all go juicing and fitness crazy. For some of us it’s a fad that lasts as long as the equally optimistic gym intentions.

For others it quickly becomes part of the everyday routine.

The trick, it seems, is to find delicious, not always obvious, juice recipes and the right gadget.

The latest Joe’s Bloggers event saw us road test Phillips juicers. To make things more interesting we were split into groups and rotated round different activities, including yoga and making mocktails.



 Juicers. The IT Gadget for 2015

After dabbling with a kale smoothie a few weeks ago, that was more “chunkie” than smoothie, I was keen improve on my glass of green gunge and pick up some top tips.

After all, get it right and you have an easy way to get your 5 a day. And if like me, and have a full time job you will know how hard this is to do.
After testing the Phillips juicer, I’m sold. We all were. Simply put in the fruit or vegetables, making sure there are no stones. (This breaks the juicer, as one blogger quickly discovered)
Within minutes you have a really smooth, tasty juice that’s packed with vitamins and colourful, zingy goodness. Juicing is a quick and easy way to drastically improve your fruit and veg intake. Perfect to take to the office for a 3pm pick me up or to keep energy levels up if you are constantly on the go.

Here’s the link to the Currys blog post. This contains some links to other juicers. Take your pick as to which suits your budget and requirements.

Top 4 juicing tips

  • Beetroot is amazing in juice, it goes with everything and actually tastes really good with very little else.
  • Add a few drops of hemp oil to your juice. It’s great for your skin and all round health as it contains essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. Read more on this here.
  • Almond milk is great if you like lots of leafy green vegetables as it adds a creamy sweetness to counteract any bitterness.
  • Clean your juicer as soon as you finish. It sounds obvious, but leave it and it will be hard to clean. Turning your new found love of juicing, into a chore.

Top Yoga Tip?

Don’t forget to breathe as you balance on one leg, arms stretched to the sky. *wobbles precariously trying to be zen -like*?

Unlike the juicing. This is not as easy it looks!








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  1. I think there were actually two juicers broken byt the end of the day! Haha…such a good event though, quite busy with all the bloggers, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you, hopefully next time… 🙂 I have the Philips juicer at home for over a year, and it’s the best purchase I’ve ever made, really recommend getting this brand.
    My post is just here: if you fancy having a look: Currysintrojuicing event in Leeds

    Dash xx
    Mode Lily

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