5 powerful life lessons from the women who refuse to blend in

“In a world of Kardashians… be a Janis”

Is confidence is something you are  born with? Perhaps.  I do think it is definitely something; you can develop as you get older and find your way in life.  Whether old, young, fat, thin, classically attractive or a little bit on the unconventional side, fashionable or doing your own thing; if you can exude confidence you bloody gorgeous, regardless of anything else. It is the one thing that people report as being sexy, time and time again.

In a world of preened,  reality stars, whose apparent confidence hides the fact, they are actually less than secure, the following 5 ladies have genuine confidence by the bucket – load and to me, each embody the different aspects of confidence people are drawn to.  So from self belief at work, to age defying attitude to style, here are my top 5 fiercely fashionable females who can give us a lesson not only in style, but in life.

  1. Iris Apfel

One of the most stylish seniors I have ever seen, and the inspiration behind Ari Seth Cohen’s hugely popular Advanced Style blog. The former interior designer and fashion muse and currently starring in numerous high profile adverts including car ads at 95!

Known for her vibrant and colourful dress sense, Iris is a perfect peacock who mixes couture with an ‘anything goes’ attitude; even flea markets and thrift stores are fair game. Things that don’t go together simply work, and as for those larger than life ionic round glasses, they highlight a love for accessorising that’s less than delicate.

Iris’ her pithy attitude, and fashion icon status well into her twilight years make her a formidable force. Never one to care about being pretty (because after all looks fade) she cares more about being interesting and enjoying life – and it shows!

“Humour is important in everything. Dress with a little humour and you can go a long way”

Lesson: know yourself, stay curious, and maintain a sense of humour.

Image Source: Mac Campaign

  1. Janis Joplin

Janis  had a raw, powerful and uninhibited singing style, and inimitable, Woodstock wardrobe. I LOVE the look of the late sixties and how she embodies her rock and roll spirit with velvet, fringing and chiffon.

Janis once described herself as one of those “regular weird people” . She just didn’t care and she didn’t try and be something she was not.  I am myself, utterly drawn to people who are a little unconventional  and different. Often these are the people who are kind, often say the wrong thing and unashamedly wear their heart on their sleeve and I do believe the world needs more of this.

“Don’t compromise yourself you are all you have got”

Lesson: It’s ok to be a bit different. Embrace it. After all what a boring world it would be if we were all the same.

Image Source: Mouche Gallery

  1. Baddiewinkle

Helen Van Winkle is not your average granny.  “Stealing your man since 1928” is the bio, and neon, lewd and in your face is the style. Anyone who has become a social media star,  has 2.6 million followers ,can rock a hologram bikini in their 80s, has to be listened to.

“I  would love to get other old people active instead of just sitting around all day doing nothing, acting like life is over”

Lesson:  You are never too old to rock a look or make things happen.

Image Source: Smirnoff/ Ad Age

  1. Lou Doillon

This French fancy is the daughter of director Jacques Doillon and actress Jane Birkin. Her fashion heritage takes her to the top of the class but it’s her devil may care attitude, and slightly unconventional looks that make her stand out from your average IT girl.

“I was always the funny looking girl. I couldn’t compete with the Brazilian girls. My nose is off, my ears are too big. But I think it’s my personality these designers were drawn to”

Lesson: It doesn’t matter if you aren’t pretty, let your personality shine through and you will be gorgeous.

Image Source: Unknown

  1. Jenna Lyons

Jenna is the Creative Director and first female President of J Crew. Jenna started at J Crew as an assistant and worked her way up. Fearless in style and business she is testimony that through hard work, self belief and determination you can make big things happen.

There is the idea that everybody has to have everything right away..I wasn’t the superstar.. I had to work for it” Jenna Lyons

Lesson: Work hard and you can achieve great things.


Image Source: maciek kobielski

Who inspires you?  I would love to know!

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