3 fresh ways to dress up a plain jumper

The humble grey jumper. Reserved for the “chill out at home” day, the “I have nothing to wear for work” day or the “I simply can’t be bothered” day.

However, in my humblest opinion, I believe this bottom of the wardrobe item is a real unsung hero. A versatile, fashion staple that can be worn more ways than you think.. Even worn on a night out. Here’s some inspiration for you from a recent styled shoot I did with friend and professional photographer Natasha Cadman.

1. Worn with a tutu/ tulle skirt and boots

Sarah Jessica Parker introduced us to the full tulle skirt in Sex And The City. Why not swap heels for ankle boots and a cheeky hint of coloured socks for a casual day look with a twist.

photo (4)

photo (2)


2. Worn with braces and masculine trousers.

Instead of a T- shirt with crops or blouse – tuck in a jumper. Braces may seem a little odd, and a trend reserved for males living in the 19th century or hipsters with beards. I must admit though I love braces and really thing they work for women’s wear, especially when worn with a jumper as they are a little less formal that with a shirt. So channel your inner artful dodger and brave some braces.

3. Worn with a pattern skirt

I have a serious pattern crush. As this jumper is plain, add a touch of vintage by styling it up with a paisley patterned skirt and cowboy boots.

All worn with a black trilby. Never underestimate the power of a great hat in bringing an outfit together.


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  1. Oooow I’m loving the second outfit! I’m also a fan of tulle skirts + jumpers, just not this kind of jumpers. I prefer the sporty ones + frilly skirts <3 Byw I was trying to find out your real name but it doesn't seem to be anywhere! Am I missing something or you are a blogger in incognito? ;D You're very pretty I really like how you put outfits together! Thanks for posting 🙂

    1. Hi there, thanks for commenting. My name is Fran 🙂 this should be in my “about” tab. I like the idea of blogger incognito though, makes me seem mysterious! x

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